Who We Are
Corporate Program Management Solutions (CPMS) is a boutique Sydney-based consultancy. We take pride in the work we do to help our clients structure their approach to project management and align their PM capability with their business strategy.

We believe that project management capability is now key to what separates many companies from one another and that this trend will continue to grow as markets increasingly become service related.

What We Do
CPMS specialises in the evaluation and improvement of project management practices and the underlying processes tools and systems that enable organisations to increase their project management capability and success rates.

We work with our customers to give them control of their projects & resources and enable the sharing of ideas and knowledge within their organisations to minimise project risk while maximising good practice and internal innovation.

Projects are such an important way of doing business these days that many organisations are tending towards being more like 'a collection of projects' than anything else. As this is true to some extent of a great many organisations then it becomes apparent that the practice of managing projects within each organisation is what sets them apart. It also becomes apparent that the centralised project management practices are the glue that holds project based organisations or departments together.

Without a central project management role (or central project office) project managers have no scoping, planning, change mgt, cost mgt or procurement guidance, no risk management standards to adhere to, no structured reporting practices and no-where to pass on knowledge or resources in the closeout phase of the project. This not only slows projects down but it places them and the organisations that fund them in a higher risk category for project failure and/or cost and schedule overruns.

Our philosophy therefore is to work closely with our clients in a collaborative way to ensure that their project success is more organic and more ingrained at an organisational level than their competitors.

CPMS wins award for project excellence
at the 2004 AIPM Achievement Awards



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